CANs – Critical Appraisal Nuggets from St.Emlyn’s

Critical Appraisal of the medical literature is a key part of the armamentarium of a good Emergency Physician, not just to pass tricky exams, but also to stay up to date with new evidence. We are very lucky to have some very experienced researchers on our team at St.Emlyn’s, including not one, but three Chairs of Emergency Medicine. We wanted to make the most of this expertise and are delighted to bring you a new feature on the St.Emlyn’s Podcast – the Critical Appraisal Nuggets (the St.Emlyn’s CANs). These are designed to be quick reminders and study guides to everyone who reads the medical literature. Sure you can go look at every single one of these topics in more detail, but a quick podcast is a great way to learn the essentials if you’re new to critical appraisal and for those who’ve been around a while we hope you find them a useful reminder.

In these short episodes, we will go over different aspects of critical appraisal in an easily digestible way. These will then be aggregated in a permanent reference page on the website so they can be easily accessed. We recognise that this forms an important part of post graduate exams and so will aim to cover over time all the key topics that could be tested in FRCEM exams.

We have published the podcasts through iTunes and Spotify.

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