Year 8 Biology Revision Podcasts

Section 1 – Cells and Respiration

The Scientific Method
Respiration and Nutrition

Section 2 – Humans as Organisms

Digestion and Movement
Growing Up
The Menstrual Cycle
Having a Baby
Gas Exchange
Drugs and Fighting Disease
Summary of Section 2

Section 3 – Plants as Organisms

Plant Reproduction
Plant Nutrition
Photosynthesis Experiments
The Importance of Plants and the Carbon Cycle
Summary of Section 3

Section 4 – Inheritance, Variation and Classification

DNA and Inheritance
Variation and Inherited and Environmental Variation
Classification and Using Keys
Summary of Section 4

Section 5 – Living things in their Enviroment

Interdependance and Food Webs
Population Size
Protecting Living Things
Summary of Section 5