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Directory of UK Medical Schools

Part of the ethos of St Emlyn’s High is to encourage teenagers to consider healthcare careers. Over time we’ll be adding lots of resources to the site, but just to start here is a directory

Optimising your ability to Fight Infection

With the current Coronavirus pandemic, it feels like a good time to discuss what we can do to make our bodies better at fighting infection (our immune response). In the future we will go into

What is so special about Oxygen?

In the post about Coronovirus we mentioned that oxygen is pretty important stuff and that if there is any reason you can’t get enough of it you could be in trouble. But have you ever

How to treat a Lightsaber wound

A few years ago, to coincide with the release of “The Force Awakens” the Guardian newspaper ran an article discussing some of the big questions in the Star Wars Universe. These included “How do Wookies

What is Coronavirus?

Our lives are all dominated by Coronavirus (or COVID-19 as it is sometimes called), but what exactly is it and why is it so dangerous? What is a Virus anyway? A virus is an “obligate

COVID19 Childen’s Q&A – A Podcast

These are uncertain times for us all, whatever your age. In this very special blog site only edition of the podcast I chat with my boys Archie (14), Jasper (12) and Rufus (8) to answer